Engage Voice | Uploading an audio file in Engage Voice

Last updated on September 01, 2021

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The following steps describe how to upload a new audio file to your audio library. You can upload audio in a few different places: via the Settings > Audio Library section of the platform, and via your queue or campaign configuration settings. 
You can also access the Audio Library modal window to upload audio files any time you click the Configure Audio table icon that appears alongside any setting that allows for audio configuration (e.g., Agent Whisper and Agent End Call). 

Uploading a new audio file via the Audio Library

One method for uploading your audio files is via the Audio Library tray setting under Settings in the left nav bar. The Audio Library is also the only place in the platform that you can delete any of your audio files.
When you first navigate to the Audio Library, you’ll find two tables with two different audio libraries. The Account Audio Files table is for your account audio library, and the Global Audio Files table is for your global audio library. To get an overview of the difference between these two libraries, please visit Intro to audio library
Remember, global audio library files come standard with your account and cannot be modified.
To upload a new audio file to your account library, follow the steps below. 
1. Navigate to Settings > Audio Library via the left nav bar
2. Select the Add Account Audio button to open the Edit Audio File modal window
3. Click the Custom Upload button and select the audio file from your computer that you’d like to upload to your audio library
4. Select the Upload Audio button to complete uploading your audio file and close out of the modal window
Once your audio file has been uploaded, it will appear in the audio library under your account’s audio files. As discussed above, you’ll be able to edit, preview, download, and delete any audio files in these tables.

Uploading a new audio file via queue or campaign settings

Another method for uploading new audio files is via your queue and campaign configuration settings. To upload an audio file within a queue or campaign, you can navigate to Dialing > Campaigns or Routing > Queues and select the queue or campaign you wish to upload an audio file to.
1. Navigate to Dialing > Campaigns or Routing > Queues via the left nav bar
2. Select a queue/campaign from the Queues/Campaigns group page 
3. In the queue/campaign General page, scroll down to the Audio Settings section
4. Click the Configure Audio table icon to the right of the audio filename box to open the Audio Library modal window
5. Click the Add File radio button, and another button labeled Custom Upload will appear directly underneath.
Add a file to the audio library
Use this button to choose a file from your computer, then click the Upload button at far right to upload it to your account’s audio library
6. Once the file has been uploaded, it will appear in the table at the bottom of the modal window under the tab labeled Account Audio
View of uploaded audio
7. Now you can edit filenames, preview any audio file, or download an audio file
8. When you’re satisfied with your audio file, check the box to the left of the file(s) you wish to select and click OK to save your changes and add that audio to the current platform setting
Note: Please contact your CSM if you wish to use the Manual Entry audio file setting, as this is an advanced custom audio feature.
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