Engage Voice | Assigning an agent to a dial group

Last updated on June 30, 2021

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Once you’ve created an agent user, you can start assigning your agent to queues and campaigns, depending on the types of calls you’d like an agent to take or make. 
If you’d like your agent to be able to make outbound calls, you’ll need to assign that agent user to an outbound dial group. To learn more about creating a dial group, visit Managing a dial group.

Helpful hint!

If you’d like an agent to make outbound calls, in addition to assigning your agent to an outbound dial group, you must also enable Allow Outbound Calls via the agent Security page in the agent configuration panel.
You’ll find multiple ways to assign agents to dial groups throughout the platform. You can do so with our open API, the Agent assignment configuration page at the dial group level, or the Outbound Access page at the agent user level. Let’s review these last two methods below.

Assigning agents via Outbound Access

1. Navigate to Users > Agents via the left-hand navigation bar.
2. Select an agent from the Agents groups page.
3. Click the Outbound Access tab via the agent configuration panel.
4. In the Dial Group Assignments table, use the search bar or scroll through the list to locate the dial group you’d like to assign your agent to and check the box at far left.
5. Save your changes using the Save button at bottom right.
Managing agent assignments via Outbound Access
In the Outbound Access page, you’ll find a table containing all dial groups created in your account. The table is arranged into columns that contain information on each dial group. At the top of each column is a search bar that you can use to filter your dial groups. You can search by either the ID, the name, the description, or the dialing mode selected for each dial group.
At any time, you can assign and unassign an agent to a dial group by checking the box at far left of the dial group. 

Assigning agents via Agent Assignment

If you have not already assigned your agent to a dial group, you’ll find a blank page when you navigate to the Agent Assignment page. However, if you click the Show All Agents button beside the search bar, a table will appear below with a list of all available agent users created in your account.
1. Navigate to Dialing > Campaigns via the left nav bar.
2. Hover over a dial group and click the Edit group pencil icon that appears at far right to enter the dial group’s General configuration page.
3. Click on the Agent Assignment tab in the configuration panel at far left.
4. In the Agent Assignment configuration page, click into the search bar at upper right to manually search for a specific agent, or select the button next to the search bar labeled Show All Agents to reveal all available agents. If you want to go back to viewing only the agents assigned to a dial group, you can select the same button next to the search bar, now labeled Show Assigned Agents.
5. Check the box to the left of the agent ID number that you would like to assign to the dial group.
6. To bulk-select all agents under a group, check the box at far left in the column header row.
7. Save your changes using the Save button at bottom right.
Managing agent assignments via Agent Assignment
In the Agent Assignment page, you’ll find a table containing all agent users created in your account. They’ll be arranged in an alphabetized list of agent groups, in ascending order, by last name. This table of agent groups and agents will typically display the agent’s ID number, their first and last name, username, and a checkbox indicating whether or not the agent is an HCI agent.
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