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Transport Usage Overview

Last updated on February 24, 2022

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The Engage platform provides several dashboards organized by categories that provide up-to-date data. Most of the reports used in dashboards can be found in the Standard folder of Historical reports. Read more about them in Historical reports reference.

Helpful hint!

Some parts of the UI will refer to reports as ‘insights.’ Reports are ‘insights’ as well. Still, most of the UI will only refer to reports as ‘reports’ and not ‘insights.’ Insight is a deprecated term.
The Transport Usage Overview dashboard supports Engage Voice’s Free Domestic Traffic initiative, which provides 4,000 free Inbound/Outbound minutes. This dashboard will also let you see your 2,000 free IVR minutes per agent seat usage. 

This dashboard—containing four reports—provides a breakdown of included minutes, used minutes, and overage minutes in relation to the contract bundle minutes, free domestic traffic for inbound and outbound calls, and free IVR minutes. Users will be able to differentiate billed or overage items from bundled minutes and free domestic traffic in their invoices.
Note: In an open billing interval, reports show licenses that were included from the start of the billing interval, but won’t show the correct usage distribution between the types of presented bundles. You should wait until the billing period ends and the data will be updated.

Billing Interval Package

This report shows the kind of product package an account is subscribed to in a particular billing period. 
Shows the billing package associated with your account

Included / Prepaid Seats

This report includes the number of seats eligible for free minutes, calculated based on contracted and on-demand seats. 
Chart on the number of seats eligilble for free minutes

Included / Prepaid Bundles

This report includes the total number of free domestic minutes, free IVR minutes, and the total bundled minutes applicable to the current billing cycle. Data included are bundles, their units, and their duration.
Note: While each seat comes with a set amount of bundled minutes, they are totaled together in this section as all minutes are shared by all seats. 
Chart on total number of free domestic minutes, IVR minutes, and total bundled minutes

Transport Usage Details

This section includes detailed information on how free and prepaid minutes are applied towards the used minutes during the current billing cycle. Data included are categories, consumption, and duration.
The categories listed here are related to the Included/Prepaid Bundles list in the Included / Prepaid Bundles report.
In this report, the total number of used domestic inbound minutes is 12,709. And since 12,000 included free minutes are applied toward overall usage from Included/Prepaid Bundles, there are 709 overage minutes that will be billed.
Chart on how free minutes are deducted from total minutes to come up with overage, billed minutes
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