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Historical dashboards: Billing Period Account Usage

Last updated on January 27, 2022
The Engage platform provides several dashboards organized by categories that provide data on current information. Most of the reports used in dashboards can be found in the Standard folder of Historical reports. Read more about them in Historical reports reference.
Note: Dashboards and reports that reference digital data are reserved for future use.

Helpful hint!

Some parts of the UI will refer to reports as ‘insights.’ Reports are ‘insights’ as well. Still, most of the UI will only refer to reports as ‘reports’ and not ‘insights.’ Insight is a deprecated term.

Billing Period Account Usage

The Billing Period Account Usage dashboard provides an overview of actual usage for selected account(s), and billing period(s). 
Below are filters you can use in this dashboard:
  • Billing Interval: Billing interval selected by the user. For example, selecting an interval of ‘2020-01-01’ to ‘2020-01-31’ will display data related to a closed billing interval that started on the 1st of January 2020 and ended on the 31st of January 2020. 
  • Account ID: ID number for the account whose data you want to be displayed.
  • Account: Name of the account whose data you want to be displayed.
  • Category: Filter for a specific category.
This dashboard has two sections: Usage Summary and Usage Details. These two sections are also used in the Billing Period Overview dashboard. The main difference between Billing Period Account Usage and Billing Period Overview is you can filter for account ID and account name in Billing Period Account Usage. This means that if you are a reseller and want to view sub-accounts of your customer, you can filter them here.
To learn more about the Usage Summary section, read Usage Summary. To learn more about the Usage Details section, read Usage Details
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