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Engage Voice 
Historical dashboards: Hourly Inbound Statistics

Last updated on October 01, 2021

Table of contents

The Engage platform provides several dashboards organized by categories that provide data on current information. Most of the reports used in dashboards can be found in the Standard folder of Historical reports. Read more about them in Historical reports reference.
Note: Dashboards and reports that reference digital data are reserved for future use.

Helpful hint!

Some parts of the UI will refer to reports as ‘insights.’ Reports are ‘insights’ as well. Still, most of the UI will only refer to reports as ‘reports’ and not ‘insights.’ Insight is a deprecated term.

Hourly Inbound Statistics

The Hourly Inbound Statistics dashboard provides hourly trends of inbound traffic, allowing you to identify repeating patterns.
Here are the following filters you can use to sort data in the Hourly Inbound Statistics dashboard:
  • Date Range: A range of days that the dashboard will be covering. Preset to the last 30 days.
  • Account: The sub-account to be reported on.
  • Product Group: Filters to a specific subset of product groups.
  • Product: Filters to a specific subset of products.
Note that an activity is attributed to a time interval by its start timestamp. Account filter is a parent filter to the other filters (except for the Date). For example, if you select a particular account, the Agent Group filter will be showing only agent groups of that account.

Under the Hourly Inbound Statistics dashboard, you will find the Hourly Trends and the Download Hourly Inbound Statistics sections.

Hourly Trends

This section contains two reports.
  • Hourly Inbound Call Trends: Stacked area chart that shows call trends by the hour.
    • Deflected: Number of calls sent to another destination.
    • Accepted: Number of inbound calls distributed to agents.
    • Abandoned: Number of inbound calls in which callers hung up while waiting in a queue.
    • Manual Dials: Number of manual calls placed by agents.
  • Hourly Inbound Time Trends: Stacked area chart that shows inbound time trends by the hour.
    • Avg Queue Time: Average queue time of calls.
    • Avg Talk Time: Average time customers spent on the phone connected to an agent or IVR.
    • Avg Wrap Time: Average time per call taken by agents to submit a call disposition after a call is disconnected.

Download Hourly Inbound Statistics

This section contains one report. The Hourly Inbound Statistics Report is a table that shows details of inbound calls made by the hour. Read more about the metrics seen in this report in Measures and attributes
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