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Last updated on April 19, 2022

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The Engage platform provides several dashboards organized by categories that provide data on current information. Most of the reports used in dashboards can be found in the Standard folder of Historical reports. Read more about them in Historical reports reference.
Note: Dashboards and reports that reference digital data are reserved for future use.

Helpful hint!

Some parts of the UI will refer to reports as ‘insights.’ Reports are ‘insights’ as well. Still, most of the UI will only refer to reports as ‘reports’ and not ‘insights.’ Insight is a deprecated term.
The Outbound Performance dashboard provides detailed statistics of outbound dialing activity performance. It also shows performance KPIs, as well as different reports on call results, agent dispositions, and agent activities.
Here are the following filters you can use to sort data in the Outbound Performance dashboard:
  • Date Range: A range of days that the dashboard will be covering. Preset to the last 30 days.
  • Account: The sub-account to be reported on.
  • Account ID: The ID of the account that needs to be viewed.
  • Product Group Type: Filters to a specific subset of product group types.
  • Product Group: Filters to a specific subset of product groups.
  • Product Type: Filters to a specific subset of product types.
  • Product: Filters to a specific subset of products.
Note that an activity is attributed to a time interval by its start timestamp. Account filter is a parent filter to the other filters (except for the Date). For example, if you select a particular account, the Agent Group filter will be showing only agent groups of that account.

Under the Outbound Performance dashboard, you will find the following sections:
  • Performance KPIs
  • Outbound Complete & Success Calls and Rates
  • Outbound Call Results and Agent Dispositions
  • Outbound Performance Details

Performance KPIs

This section contains four KPI widgets.
  • Work Time: Percentage of working time for voice.
  • Dialed: Count of outbound call attempts.
  • Completed: Number of outbound calls marked as complete in the disposition.
  • Hit Rate: Percentage of live answered calls to the total call attempts.

Outbound Complete & Success Calls and Rates

This section has one KPI widget and three reports that give you insights into your contact center’s outbound performance.
  • Outbound Success Rate: Percentage of outbound calls out of all outbound call attempts.
  • Outbound Completes and Successes by Day: Tracks the number of completed outbound calls and successful outbound calls by day. Shows two bars per day: Outbound Complete Count and Outbound Successful Count.
  • Outbound Completed and Success Rate by Dial Group: Analyzes the trend between Outbound Complete Rate and Outbound Success Rate to track the magnitude of both.
  • Outbound Success Rate by Campaign: Bar chart that tracks the success rate of outbound calls for campaigns.

Outbound Call Results and Agent Dispositions

Contains two reports you can download:
  • Outbound Call Results: Bar graph that shows the number of call attempts per call result.
  • Outbound Agent Dispositions: Bar graph that shows the number of call attempts per agent dispositions.

Outbound Performance Details

Contains the Outbound Performance Report. This table shows different metrics related to outbound calls, and how they relate to dial groups and campaigns. Learn more about metrics.
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