Engage Voice | Real-time reporting Chat widget metrics

Last updated on July 23, 2021
Here are the metrics or attributes that comprise this widget:
  • Name: The name of the chat queue.
  • Presented: The number of chats sent to the chat queue.
  • Average SOA (Average Speed of Answer): The average amount of time it takes chats to be answered.
  • Answered: The number of chats answered from the chat queue.
  • Deflected: The number of chats disconnected by the system before reaching an agent.
  • Abandoned: The number of chats where the customer disconnected while waiting in queue.
  • Average Abandon: The average time that customers have waited in queue before disconnecting.
  • Average Chat Time: The average time agents have spent handling chats.
  • Live: The current number of chats that are in the stages of queued, routing, or connected.
  • Queued: The number of chats that are currently waiting in queue to be answered.
  • Routing: The current number of chats that the system is attempting to dequeue to an agent.
  • Connected: The current number of chats that are connected to an agent.
  • Average Queue Time: The average time chats spent in queue waiting to be handled.
  • Staffed: The number of agents that are logged into that particular queue.
  • Available: The number of agents logged into that particular queue who are in an Available state.
  • Utilization %: The percentage of staffed agents that are not available. This also shows the percentage of agents currently utilized.
  • State: Displays whether the queue is currently open or closed. This is based on the daily schedule set up by an admin.
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