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Real-time reporting Outbound widget metrics

Last updated on July 23, 2021
Here are the metrics or attributes that comprise this widget:
  • Campaign Name: The name of the campaign.
  • Incomplete: The total count of the incomplete leads on the campaign. Leads that are set as “Requeue No” in agent disposition are considered complete. All other leads on the campaign will be considered incomplete.
  • Pending: The number of leads currently retrieved for dialing from the cache of ready leads. In a predictive dialing campaign, ‘pending’ refers to a lead that the system is currently dialing. In a preview dialing campaign, ‘pending’ refers to both leads being dialed and leads that have been fetched by individual agents.
  • Active: The number of calls that are currently being handled by agents.
  • Complete: The total count of the complete leads on the campaign.
  • Other: The metric that counts the current lead state as one of the following states: Error, Transitioned, Intercept, Disconnected, Pending Callback, Canceled, Callback cancelled, Whitelist, or Max Dial Limit.
  • Answer: The number of answered calls.
  • No Answer: The number of calls not answered.
  • Machine: The number of calls detected as voicemail or answering machines by the system.
  • Busy: The number of calls returned with a busy signal.
  • Intercept: The number of calls reported to the system as invalid numbers.
  • Abandon: The count of pass attempts that have received the system disposition of Abandon. This is a daily stat. Abandon indicates an outbound call that when successfully answered by the dialed party does not have an available agent to handle it.
  • Success: The number of leads marked as success by agent disposition.
  • Staffed: The current number of agents who are assigned to that campaign and currently logged into the Agent platform.
  • Available: The number of agents logged into that particular campaign who are in an Available state.
  • DNC: This is a metric that shows the current lead state as one of the following: Error, Transitioned, Intercept, Disconnected, Pending Callback, Canceled, Callback Cancelled, Whitelist, Max Dial Limit.
  • Talk Time: The total amount of time an agent spent on calls for the session. This is displayed in HH:MM:SS.
  • Connects: The daily total count of passes that were connected to an agent.
  • Lead Status: Not a statistic or a data set. This is a pop out link that shows additional information. This includes information on the account id, campaign name, start date, end date, max passes, pass delay, timezone, ready now, dial future, and suppressed.
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