Prebuilt Reports: Deprecated reports

Last updated on October 01, 2021

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Prebuilt Reports is discontinued for customers onboarded after October 22, 2021. Historical analytics (Historical reports and Historical dashboards) is available to all new customers. Click here to learn more.

CCI Survey Result Download

The CCI Survey Result Download report provides legacy data for surveys in the platform’s old agent interface. The report displays the call details and survey responses for every instance this survey was completed within the date range selected.
  • UII: The unique identification number for the call.
  • Call Type: Inbound or outbound, depending on the source of the call.
  • Source Type: Source of the call that triggered the survey, either a queue or outbound campaign.
  • Source ID: The unique number of the queue or campaign that triggered the survey.
  • Source Name: The name of the queue or campaign that triggered the survey.
  • ANI: Phone number of the survey respondent (caller for inbound, callee for outbound).
  • DNIS: Phone number related to the campaign or inbound queue (the number called for inbound calls, or the caller ID reported for outbound calls).
  • Call DTS: Date/time stamp for the call.
  • Duration: Total length of the call.
  • Survey Start Time: Date/time stamp the survey was started.
  • Recording: Link to the recording of the call.
  • Agent ID: Unique number of the agent on the call.
  • Agent First Name: First name of the agent on the call.
  • Agent Last Name: Last name of the agent on the call.
  • Agent Username: Username of the agent on the call.
The rest of the columns relate to specific fields on the survey, including the name of the survey element and the response for each survey completed.
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