Prebuilt Reports: Track reports

Last updated on October 01, 2021

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Prebuilt Reports is discontinued for customers onboarded after October 22, 2021. Historical analytics (Historical reports and Historical dashboards) is available to all new customers. Click here to learn more.

Call Detail Report

The Call Detail Report provides detailed information on calls made to track numbers.
  • Caller: ANI or phone number of the caller
  • Cell: Indicates whether or not the call came from a cell phone.
  • Location: Location of the call’s origination based on area code.
  • Dur(m): Duration of the call in minutes.
  • Xfer(m): Duration of the transfer in minutes.
  • Result: The final result of the call.
  • Term Party: Which side disconnected the leg of the call.
  • Opt Out: If the caller opted to be put on the DNC list.
  • Notes: Any notes entered for the call by the agent.
  • Recording URL: Recording URL of the call recording, if the call was recorded.

Call Summary Report

The Call Summary Report provides data for each track number that received calls for the time period specified.
  • Phone Number: Provides the phone number and associated name of the track for the row.
  • Calls: Total calls to this number.
  • Conns: Number of calls to this number resulting in a successful connection.
  • After Hrs: Number of calls to this number outside of the schedule specified in the configuration.
  • No Ans: Number of calls to this number that reached the destination but were not answered.
  • Abandon: Number of calls to this number disconnected by the caller before reaching the destination.
  • Minutes: Total number of minutes used for all calls to this number.
  • % of Total: Percent of all calls to track numbers on the account represented by this track.

Calls by Day Report

The Calls by Day report provides a count of calls made to track numbers by day.
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