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Engage | Setting up digital features in your Engage
company account

The following steps are meant for administrators and describe how to configure only the minimum required accounts, groups, and settings needed to add users to Engage for digital features. Further configuration may be required depending on your needs.
Note that setting up digital features requires configuring settings in both Digital Admin and Voice Admin.

Importing users in Digital Admin and Voice Admin

1. Create a RingCentral Office account for each user. See Creating an extension without a phone for instructions.
2. Add users in Voice Admin:

a. Log in to Engage and click Voice Admin

b. Go to Users > Agents via the left-hand navigation bar.

i. If you have already created Engage Voice profiles for your users, synchronize their RingCentral Office accounts with their profiles. See Syncing users from RingCentral Office for instructions.

ii. If you have not yet created Engage Voice profiles for your users, import the RingCentral Office accounts you created. See Importing users from RingCentral Office for instructions.

3. Add users in Digital Admin:

a. Click the app switcher squares icon at the top right corner then click Digital Admin.

b. Go to Users > Agents via the left-hand navigation bar. 

c. Click Import users at the top right corner. 

d. Select the RingCentral Office accounts to be imported in the window that appears. Click Next

e. Select the appropriate assignments and options for the new users. Click Import


Note: When importing multiple users at once, they will all be assigned the same role, teams, categories, languages and time zones. Import groups of users separately to give them different parameters.

f. To allow an agent to use the All messages section, hover over the agent’s name then click the padlock icon that appears at the far right. Grant the agent the necessary permissions for each channel that they need to access.

Configuring digital features in Digital Admin and Voice Admin

Configuring digital features in Engage requires access to both Digital Admin and Voice Admin. 

Digital Admin

1. Create a community for each messaging platform you will import. See Creating communities for instructions.
2. Create channels. See Configuring channels for instructions.
3. Add channels to the Omnichannel channel group:

a. In the Admin interface, go to Routing > Channel groups via the left-hand navigation bar.

b. Hover over the Omnichannel channel group then click the edit pencil icon that appears at the far right.

c. Click the Channels box. Add the created channels and any existing channels to be routed to Omni-channel agents. 

d. Click Save.

4. Add agent skill categories. See Creating categories for instructions.

Voice Admin

1. Add digital queue groups. See Creating a digital queue group for instructions.
2. Add digital queues. See Creating a digital queue for instructions.
3. Create digital queue events. See Configuring digital queue events for instructions.
4. Create digital routing dispositions. See Managing digital routing dispositions for instructions.
5. Create routing rules. See Configuring routing rules for instructions.
6. Adjust routing priorities. See Managing routing priorities for instructions.
7. Assign agents to digital queues. See Assigning agents to digital queues for instructions.
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