Engage Digital | Intro to roles and permissions

Roles allow you to manage permissions in the platform. Each user is assigned a predefined or custom role, which consists of a defined set of permissions. Roles grant permissions to take certain actions in the platform such as:
  • Performing agent functions like replying to channels
  • Performing admin functions such as creating or disabling agents
  • Performing supervisor functions like monitoring agents
  • Performing quality analyst functions such as viewing messages or events

Default and custom roles

There are default roles defined in the platform:
  • Administrator: This role grants permissions suitable for an administrator
  • Agent: This role grants permissions suitable for an agent
  • Supervisor: This role grants permissions suitable for an agent
  • Quality analyst: This role grants permissions to view messages or events
Note that the names for these roles may be different if your admin has changed them. You can also define other custom roles as needed for use in the platform. You may want to define custom roles when your users require a different set of permissions from any of those provided by the predefined roles, and when modifying the predefined roles is not desired.


The permissions that you can configure for a role are organized in sections according to the functionality you are granting. The permissions are organized into these sections:
  • Messages: This section contains agent permissions for working with messages, such as receiving interactions, viewing folders, searching or publishing content, and editing or assigning cases
  • Admin - Manage agents: This section contains permissions to manage agents, such as creating or viewing agents, and editing agent identities, teams, or roles
  • Admin - Manage messages: This section contains admin permissions to manage messages, such as creating community profiles, channels, and categories
  • Admin - Chat and routing mode: This section contains admin permissions to manage settings for Routing mode, and Engage Messaging or Engage Chat configuration
  • Admin - Manage data: This section contains admin permissions to view events, or to export data manually or automatically
  • Admin - Advanced parameters: This section contains permissions to configure advanced features such as applications, API access tokens, identity tags, custom fields, and extensions
  • Statistiques / Supervision: This section contains permissions to view different types of stats and to monitor interactions that are being performed by agents or teams
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