Engage Digital | Intro to Google Dialogflow integration

The Engage Digital integration with Google Dialogflow helps you easily connect Google Dialog Flow (Google's conversational AI technology) to Engage Digital’s inbound communications, unlocking new opportunities for clients with high volumes of text interactions. 
This integration will enable you to resolve a high volume of simple tasks by providing concise and non-linear text dialogs similar to Google Assistant. For example, you help clients to change passwords, book trips, create orders, get answers for certain questions, or schedule appointments in a way that mimics natural non-linear conversation.
This integration enables you to set up handover rules that allow you to pass a conversation to human agents or other bots using flexible rules. You can configure multiple bots for each client listening to individual channels. You can reuse an existing Google Dialogflow chatbot, as well as add custom business logic (such as changing passwords, booking trips, or collecting emails) with the help of Dialogflow fulfillment functions. 
This integration supports both versions of Google Dialogflow: Dialogflow CX and Dialogflow ES.

Features and benefits of Google Dialogflow integration

Here are some key features and benefits of Google Dialogflow integration with Engage Digital:
  • Route clients to the right people, acting as an intelligent text IVR
  • Gather certain information before handing a conversation to an agent
  • Expand business hours: gather leads when no human agents are available
  • Provide immediate responses to customers without delay
  • Save time and money on writing your own complex integration

Supported messaging channels

The integration supports asynchronous one-to-one messaging channels, including:
  • Apple Business Chat (also known as iMessage)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Business Messages
  • Engage Messaging

Accessing the Google Dialogflow integration

The RingCentral Engage Digital adapter for Google Dialogflow is available free of charge as a RingCentral App at https://www.ringcentral.com/apps/ringcentral-engage-for-dialogflow-ai or directly through a browser interface at https://edf.ringcentral.com.
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