Engage Voice | Analyzing call termination

A number of historical or real-time reports provide information about the details of how a call terminated. This information includes the call termination party (which party ended the call) and the termination reason (such as the call ended, the call was dropped, or the caller hung up). 
The reports that provide this information for one or more call legs include:
  • Global Call Transfer Detail
  • Inbound Call Detail Download
  • Dialer Result Download
  • Global Call Type Detail
  • Inbound Agent Segment Metadata Report
  • Outbound Segment Metadata Report
To learn more about the individual metrics in these reports, read Reports reference.

In general, there are three different ways that a call will end between an agent and the far end caller/callee. The following examples look at metrics from the Inbound Call Detail Download available in Inbound reports.

Case 1: Far end hangs up

In this case, you will see the ‘Inbound_term_party’ as Caller and the ‘Inbound_term_reason’ as Hang-up for the caller’s leg of the call. As the call is now over, the system will end the agent's leg of the call resulting in an ‘Agent_term_party’ of System, and an ‘Agent_term_reason’ of EOC (End of Call). 
Use case 1

Case 2: Agent hangs up via system

In this case, the agent leg will look the same as in Case 1 as it is still the System that tears down the agent leg of the call. You will still see an ‘Agent_term_party’ of System, and an ‘Agent_term_reason’ as EOC. 
The key difference is what gets displayed on the caller’s leg, which will show the ‘Inbound_term_party’ as System with an ‘Inbound_term_reason’ of Drop. This indicates that the ending of this side of the call was via the System, and that due to the agent ending the call, the far end is being dropped off of the call session.
Note: The ‘Inbound_term_reason’ of Drop can be misleading here. Drop does not indicate a dropped call as we commonly refer to it, rather that as a result of the agent side ending the call, the system is dropping the far end from the session with the platform where it will be up to their local carrier to tear down their side of the call. 
Use case 2

Case 3: Agent hangs up via softphone or hard phone

In this case, the agent has hung up via their phone rather than using the system call controls available to them in the Agent UI. As such, the call detail shows the ‘Agent_term_party’ as Caller for the agent leg and the ‘Agent_term_reason’  as Hang-up for the agent leg.
Use case 3
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