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Release Notes > Webinar > November 2023
Release Notes

RingCentral Webinar | November 2023

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral Webinar.
VERSION 23.4.10
Release date: 11/30/2023
What's New
  • Webinars in 18 Global Languages: Webinar organizers can now choose one of 18 languages for their session when scheduling the webinar. This selection then flows through all aspects of the webinar from calendar invitations to email reminders to registration landing pages. This major advance makes RingCentral Webinar attractive to buyers and users in non-English speaking markets. Additionally, admins gain the ability to customize and enforce key elements such as registration questions and consent statements in the same 18 languages available to webinar organizers.
  • UK and Australia General Availability: RingCentral Webinar is now available as a paid add-on to RingEX and Video Pro+ in the United Kingdom and Australia. Buyers benefit from cost-effective pricing. Users gain access to an exceptionally easy-to-use product for hosting marketing lead-generation sessions, trainings, and town-halls.
  • Moderate incoming Questions: This major improvement to the Q&A feature allows webinar staff members to approve or reject questions with a click, controlling what attendees see. This control in turn enables webinar staff members to filter out inappropriate or off-topic content.
  • Edit & Correct Answers: This usability improvement enables any webinar staff member to edit a previously answered question, thereby fixing incorrect answers easily.
  • Branded Lobby for Webinar Attendees: Attendees of Marketing Webinars enter a branded lobby matching the registration page while waiting. RingCentral Webinar auto-creates this branded lobby, ensuring a uniform experience and saving organizers time. The branded lobby boosts attendee retention, maximizing event attendance.
  • First Time Setup: Webinar Buyers who sign-up for a 30-day free trial now see a simple three-step onboarding guide quickly acquainting them with the product and encouraging them to download the RingCentral Desktop App for a superior experience. These improvements are part of a broader theme of User Onboarding Improvements for the overall RingCentral App for SOHO and SMB Buyers.
  • Helpful Tips for Novices: RingCentral Webinar now offers helpful tips for new users that pop up automatically, guiding them through essential setup tasks and reducing errors.
  • Team Collaboration: Invite Coworkers: This upgrade streamlines webinar setup by guiding Webinar Organizers on how to add co-workers to their RingEX Account, so those individuals can in turn co-host webinars. Upon joining the account, each co-worker gains free RC Video and Glip Messaging, promoting natural adoption of these features, in addition to being able to co-host webinars.
  • Team Collaboration: Add Panelists: This improvement simplifies webinar setup, allowing organizers to add panelists by name. An on-screen guide helps webinar organizers sync contacts from apps like Outlook 365. After syncing, there's no need to input email addresses for panelist invites.
  • Quality and Usability Improvements: Over 18 fit-and-finish and reliability enhancements.
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