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Using Presentation Mode in a RingCentral Video
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Presentation Mode provides the Presenter Overlay feature, allowing you to display your video while you share your screen, using your presentation as your background instead of whatever is actually behind you. You can use this feature via your web browser or the RingCentral desktop app.

Using Presenter Overlay in a RingCentral Video meeting

1. While in a meeting, click the More button at the bottom right.
2. Select Presentation mode. This will open the Settings modal window.
3. Toggle on the button for Presenter overlay mode.
Using Presenter Overlay
4. Once Presentation overlay mode is turned on, you can also select an option for I have a green or blue screen

a. Off

b. Green

c. Blue

5. Configure the position of your video by dragging the blue rectangle on the preview screen.
6. Close the Settings window.
7. Click the Share button at the bottom and select a screen to share.
8. Click Share. Your video will be displayed while you’re sharing your screen.

What to consider when using Presenter Overlay mode

Consider these best practices when using Presenter overlay mode.
  • Practice the position of your video before your presentation and as you transition slides. You can always change the position of your video in your video settings during the meeting.
  • Be mindful of your hands — when using your hands to explain something, make sure to keep your hands inside the video camera frame.
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