Engage Digital | Intro to teams

Admins can use teams to group agents for reporting and organizational purposes. Teams are optional, but can be used to manage your agents by having a common reporting or organizational structure. Together with known languages and categories assigned to agents, teams help comprise the Skills section of the agent profile.
Teams may have one or more team leaders. Team leaders can view the team’s analytics and generate reports containing the team's metrics. In some cases, this is not desired and a team may be created without a team leader. A team leader can also view their own metrics and access individual metrics for agents on their team.

Reporting purposes

When a team is created, you can apply filters by team to see only metrics that relate to that specific team. Team leaders or supervisors may use these filters to regularly track their team’s performance. For example, you may want to measure the performance of a team that handles messages from certain channels or categories of messages, or compare the performance of one team against another.

Organization purposes

In Inbox mode, you can create folders built on queries like assigned_to_team and restrict access to these folders to only teams that you specify.
In Routing mode, you can transfer interactions as tasks to one or more specific teams.
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