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Get started with your Poly VVX 450 desk phone

Intro to your Poly VVX 450 desk phone

Congratulations on purchasing the Poly VVX 450 desk phone! Your phone has already been configured and comes ready to use. To customize your settings and options, log in to your RingCentral account on the web.

Package contents

Inside the package for your Poly VVX 450 desk phone, you’ll find the following components:
VVX 450 Package Contents

Installing your Poly VVX 450 desk phone

Now that you’ve confirmed everything that is included in your phone package, let’s get your phone connected and ready to use. To do this, you will first need to connect to a power source. You can do this by  using  the power adapter or by connecting  to a PoE switch. If you are  using the power adaptor, you will also need to plug in the ethernet cable to connect  your phone to the network.
Poly VVX 450 Installation

Using your Poly VVX 450 desk phone

Once you’ve successfully installed your new phone, you will hear a dial tone indicating the phone is ready to use. Now let’s review some of the basic functions of your phone.


RingCentral supports two types of call recording: On-demand and Automatic call recording. 
For on-demand call recording, while on a call, press the number keys * 9 to start and * 9 to end.


A red Message Waiting Indicator light notifies you when you have a new voicemail. Lift handset or press the Speaker button. Press Voicemail Message or Voicemail. After the prompt, enter the PIN 
Press the number keys on dialpad
* 86 after prompt, then enter PIN
Learn more to configure voicemail on your ringcentral account.


While on call, press Conf, then dial the second number. Wait until other person picks up, then press Conf again


While on a call, press Hold key on the phone  
Press the number keys on dialpad
# # to place on hold 
# to end hold


While on a call, .. > Transfer > dial second number or extension and wait for response
Press the number keys on dialpad number keys
# #
then dial extension 
# # * then dial number


While on a call, press Park and note park location (*8--)
Press the number keys on dialpad number keys  
# # * 3 and note park location (* 8 - -)


Press Intercom, then follow prompts
Press the number keys on dialpad 
* 85 then follow prompts


Press Page, then follow prompts
Numeric Keys 
* 84, then follow prompts


Lift handset or press speaker button and dial number 


When you are on a call, press *  then Flip Number to which it is assigned. Learn More

Additional resources

For additional information on phone setup requirements, troubleshooting, and advanced phone functions, you can access the following resources:
  • RingCentral Support: Our comprehensive support site has articles detailing how to use the many features of your RingCentral account, as well as information on system requirements and troubleshooting
  • RingCentral Community: Have a unique or specific question and can’t find the answer? Want to provide us with your feedback? Visit our community site where you can collaborate with other community members to find dynamic solutions to your business needs
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