Understanding RingCentral Webinar roles

Last updated on March 15, 2022

Table of contents

A webinar has four roles: host, cohost, panelist, and attendee. A webinar host can invite up to 99 cohosts and panelists and up to 10,000 attendees.
  • Host: If you are assigned a RingCentral Webinar license, you can schedule, start, and run the webinar. You can also manage your webinar, panelist, and attendee settings in the Webinar menu of the RingCentral app desktop and web.
  • Cohost: You can start and run the webinar for the host or co-run the webinar with them. You and the host have complete host controls during the webinar.
  • Panelist: You are an identified speaker who will present onstage to attendees. You will receive a direct email invitation separate from the webinar attendees.
  • Attendee: You are an invited, view-only participant. You can view presentations and panel discussions during a webinar.

Pre-webinar capabilities

Schedule a webinar using the RingCentral desktop and web app
Invite cohosts and panelists using your RingCentral contacts list or a .csv file
Invite attendees in Outlook, Google Calendar, or a .ics file
Invite additional cohosts, panelists, and attendees during the webinar
Invite cohosts and panelists to practice up to one hour before the start of the webinar
Manage webinar settings (e.g., allow non-signed-in participants to join the webinar, audio/video/screen share permissions, Q&A, and auto-recording)

In-webinar capabilities

Run the webinar in prep session mode
Go live to attendees with a single click
End webinar for all attendees
Join via RingCentral desktop and web app, RingCentral mobile app, or RingCentral Rooms
Can only start the webinar via RingCentral desktop and web app
Start, pause, and resume recording
Manage participants (e.g., mute panelists, remove participants, turn off panelist videos, allow panelists to screen share, promote/demote participants)
Lock the webinar 
Show your video and speak during the webinar
Manage the presentation (e.g., virtual background, touch up appearance, presentation modes)
Set video layout seen by attendees
Group chat among host, co-hosts, and panelists
Allow or disallow attendees to ask questions in the Q&A
Manage questions; mark a question as answered, answered live, or dismissed
Ask questions publicly or anonymously in the Q&A
View answers and vote for questions in the Q&A

Post-webinar capabilities

Download an attendee list 
Download the Q&A report
Share a link to the recording with recipients (no downloads)
Download the recording as a .mp4 file 
View shared webinar recordings
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