Engage Digital | Intro to messages

Messages are the communications threads that are aggregated by your digital contact center from all your different social media, email, and chat channels. Agents work on messages to: 
  • Respond to customers
  • Categorize communications for efficient processing
  • Track the status of a customer interaction


In the Inbox, a series of related messages between the customer and one or more agents appears as a message thread. These message threads may be categorized into a folder in the Inbox depending on the rules you set up when you create folders for your Inbox. A set of default folders exist, but you likely want to configure your own set of rules to direct messages to the agents best able to resolve a customer’s inquiry.

Search queries

Search queries and filters can be used to further categorize messages. Since your business will generate a large volume of messages, you can use search queries to filter messages meeting certain criteria, or that you want to examine more closely while those messages are being resolved by a team of agents. Depending on how your folders are configured, a message may be accessible from multiple folders.

For example, as a supervisor you want to see only those messages that are opened and assigned to your team. You create a folder in the Inbox, and construct the query opened_and_assigned_to to Team123. The query directs messages that are open and assigned to any of your team members in Team123 into the folder.


Folders let you organize messages according to their channel, theme, status, team, or categorization. You can use search queries to sort messages in your folders. When agents use the Inbox, they see a list of folders available to them in the left panel.
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