Engage Digital | Intro to presence statuses

Presence statuses are labels you can create that agents can use in Routing mode to specify why they are unavailable. In Routing mode, agents indicate that they are unavailable by switching to the Away state. If an agent manually changes their agent state from Available to Away, the platform will not send interactions to them. But agents can have different reasons to switch to the Away state. You can create presence statuses that correspond to these reasons, such as Lunch break or On a customer chat.
In Routing mode, agents can see or change their current state or presence status using the button on the upper-right corner of the Agent interface. See Agent states for more information.

Presence status in Analytics

Supervisors and even agents themselves can use presence statuses to understand agent activity better. For example, if you create a Researching customer issue presence status, you can find out how often and how long agents look up answers to customer issues based on how they use that presence status.
You can then ask those agents about the most commonly researched concerns and inform other agents of the solution to those issues. Administrators can help provide this feedback by generating a report of agent activity based on agent states and presence statuses. To see an example of the report, visit Availability per agent (Routing mode only) report.
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