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When sharing in Presentation mode, your video overlay may overlap important content you’re sharing.

Affected environments

RingCentral Video


There are several ways to resolve this issue:
1. Move your video to one of the corners on the screen
2. Make your video smaller so that it takes up less space
3. Practice your presentation with this mode before the meeting begins so you can position your video correctly
To move or resize your video while in Weatherperson mode:
1. While in a meeting, click More from the bottom menu bar
2. Select Presentation mode from the left panel
3. Click on and drag your video around the background until you find the correct location
4. Click on and hold on any of the corners of your video to resize your video bigger or smaller
5. Close out of the Settings window to view your changes
To learn more about using Presentation mode, visit Using Presentation mode in a RingCentral Video meeting.