Release Date: Fall 2021

Coming Soon in Fall 2021

The following features are scheduled for the Fall 2021 release of RingCentral Contact Center. Users will be able to access these features, depending on their permissions and purchased applications, once their business unit has been updated. 
How to Use This Page
Each feature description includes a table that states whether the following details apply to it: 
Customer Request   The feature was developed by customer request.
UI Change     The feature introduces major user interface (UI) changes.
Future Enablement   The feature will not be immediately available at release time but will be automatically enabled for you after the Fall 2021 release. If you have questions about the feature enablement process, contact your Contact Center Account Representative.
Features are subject to change between now and the final release date. 

Global and API Changes

Navigation Redesign
Navigation will be updated to a simpler, more intuitive navigation experience.
  Customer Request     X     UI Change     ✓     Future Enablement     ✓  
API updates
The Contact Center API will be updated to provide improved usability for MAX and security. The updates will also address customer requests for updates to the reporting and address book features. 
  • PUT/POST Dynamic Address Book—Will provide a performance improvement for creating or updating address book entries in bulk.
  • GET /quick-replies—Will add a skillID filter to better truncate the response.
  • GET /agents/agentID/skills—Will add an optional filter for isAssignedSkillActive that will enable customers to filter responses for skills that are active just for the agent. 
  • GET /contacts/active—Will add an optional filter for contactID and search string to reduce the number of responses.
  • GET /points-of-contact—Will add a filter for mediaTypeID to reduce the number of responses.
  Customer Request     ✓     UI Change     X     Future Enablement     X  


Login Authenticators Migration
Recently, Contact Center introduced login authenticators. They manage password policies outside of security profiles. Soon, you will be required to use them. The password policies of all your security profiles will migrate to new login authenticators. You will no longer manage any password policies from the security profiles. Users will be assigned to the login authenticator that migrated from their assigned security profile.
  Customer Request     X     UI Change     X     Future Enablement     X  
User Assignment Permissions
Currently, the Skills Edit permission controls the configuration of a skill’s behavior and the ability to perform skill user assignments. These permissions will be split out to allow skill user assignments to have their own permission.
  Customer Request     ✓     UI Change     X     Future Enablement     ✓  
Duplicate Team Names No Longer Supported
Duplicate Team Name values for team records will no longer be supported. If you have existing duplicate Team Name values, they will be updated to the following format: current Team Name + space + Team ID. For example, if two teams are named Customer Service, the new values will be something like Customer Service 23295 and Customer Service 209192, depending on the Team ID values.
  Customer Request     X     UI Change     X     Future Enablement     X  
Create Commitments Permissions
A new permission will be available that hides the ability for an agent to create commitments. This will be configurable in Security Profiles.
  Customer Request     ✓     UI Change     ✓     Future Enablement     X  
911 Enhancements
911 enhancements will include:
  • An Emergency Call Default Callback Phone field in the Business Unit. It will specify a callback phone number if a 911 call is disconnected prematurely. 
  • You will be able to view and edit full address information and other related emergency calling fields at the ACD user level (via either the Contact Center administration user interface or bulk upload).
  • You will be able to verify addresses for emergency calling purposes (supported by Contact Center administration user interface, but not bulk upload).
The verified address will be referenced to deliver 911 calls directly to the local Public-Safety Answering Point (PSAP) rather than routing it through the National Emergency Center first. This will enable quicker response times from local first responders and provide compliance with Ray Baum's Act. 
This feature will only be available in the United States.
  Customer Request     X     UI Change     ✓     Future Enablement     X