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Submitting port orders for SMB customers

Last updated on October 27, 2021
Who can use this feature?
Admins only. This is only for small and medium business (SMB) customers. Not sure which customer you are? Click here to learn more. 
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Number Transfer of SMB customers is enabled at sign up and accessible to admins on the account. Note that to port numbers in other countries, the admins will be redirected to the online portal to submit the order.

Submitting a port order in the RingCentral app

  1. During set up, click on the New Transfer button on the Transfer numbers card.
Click New transfer
  1. Select which number type you want to port. Note that for other countries, you will be redirected to the admin portal to submit an order.
Select the number type to port
  1. A setup page will appear to set the expectations on the porting numbers process. Click Next.
  2. Please complete the checklist to proceed with the order. Click all that apply. If you wish to transfer bulk numbers, click Transfer numbers by importing file and continue the process in the Admin portal.
Complete the checklist to proceed with the port order
  1. Enter the numbers you want to transfer. Please include the Billing Telephone Number and indicate if it is to be transferred to RingCentral.
Enter the numbers to transfer
  1. Review the numbers and click Continue.
Review and continue
Note that you can swap temporary numbers in your account with numbers you're transferring as an optional step. If a temporary number is not chosen, there might be an additional cost to add numbers to your account.
View of map numbers
  1. Enter order details on the Account information section. You need to enter the information exactly as it appears on file with your current active provider. You may need to contact your service provider for specifics. Otherwise, your order might be rejected. Click Continue when done.
Enter order details on the Account information section
  1. Provide the Service address. Enter the phone number‘s physical business address, not an associated billing address or post office box. Click Continue when done.
Provide the Service address
  1. Select the transfer date and click Continue.
Select the transfer date and click Continue.
  1. Status updates are sent via email; however, you may add additional email recipients. Enter the information in the fields where you want to be notified. Click Continue when done.
Enter notification details
  1. Upload the most recent bill copy. This step is mandatory when submitting port orders in the RingCentral app and online portal.
Upload the most recent bill copy
  1. Sign the Letter of Authorization. You can choose to sign it electronically or manually.
Sign the Letter of Authorization
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