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Managing call history entries in the RingCentral app
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When you receive, make, or miss a call, those call entries will appear in your call history or missed calls log, which you can access via the Phone menu in the left-hand navigation bar. In addition to seeing the name and number of each person in your call log, you can also perform specific actions on each person, such as calling back, messaging, and texting that person.

Managing your call logs

When you hover over a call entry, the following buttons will appear at far right:
  • Add Contact: Click the person icon to add the number to your personal contacts list
  • Message: Click the double chat bubble button to send a message to the recipient of the call. This option is available if the sender is in your RingCentral contacts list
  • Text: Click the chat bubble icon button to send a text message to the recipient of the call. You will be redirected to a text message pane to continue drafting your text. This option is available if the sender is not from your RingCentral contacts
  • Start video call: Select this button to start a video meeting. The video source will depend on your selected video service. See Configuring RingCentral Video settings on RingCentral app desktop and web to learn how to set your video service for your RingCentral app
  • Call: Click the phone button to call the recipient
  • Delete: Select this option to delete or remove the call log from your list of calls. Click Delete once more in the modal window to confirm
  • Block/Unblock: Click to either block or unblock the sender. This will not block all numbers associated with the sender, only that specific number
Please note: Some options mentioned above may appear beneath the More kebab icon. Select the icon to expand a list of additional options.
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