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Navigating the Contacts menu in RingCentral 
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You can view and manage all your company’s RingCentral app users and any teams you have created via the Contacts menu, including all co-workers, guest users, and admins
Note: Guest users can only view RingCentral app users that they are in conversations with. If they’re not in a direct message, group, or team chat with a user, then they will not see that user in the Contacts menu. 

Navigating the Contacts menu

You can access the Contacts menu by clicking the person icon via the left-hand navigation bar. 
Contacts interface in RC app

Left pane

In the Contacts menu, the left pane contains the main navigation tabs that will take you to the major pages under Contacts. This pane is divided into two collapsible sections: Contacts and Teams


The Contacts section in the left pane contains the following tabs:
  • All contacts: A full list of your RingCentral account contacts
  • Company: Contacts whose email addresses are on your company’s private domain
  • Guests: Users who do not work at your company but have been invited to collaborate in a team conversation
  • Personal: Your personal contacts, including contacts you have added in the RingCentral app and contacts you have synced from your Microsoft and Google accounts
Contacts via the left pane in RC app


In the Contacts menu, you can locate your teams via the Teams section in the left pane. This section contains the following tabs:
  • All teams: All teams that have been created in your company’s account, with the exception of private teams that you’re not a member of
  • My teams: Teams that you have either created or joined
  • Public teams: Teams that are public — that is, teams that you can join without an invite
  • Archived teams: Teams you were a part of that have been archived by an admin of the team. If you’re an admin of an archived team, you may reactivate it by clicking Restore at far right of that team
Teams in RC app
In addition to seeing the name of each team, you can also see
  • if a team is private (via the closed padlock icon to the right of the name),
View of a private team
  • how many members (and guests) are currently in that team,
View of number of members in a team
  • and an Admin badge at far right of the teams you’re an admin of.
View of number of admins in a team
Note: You cannot view private teams unless you have already been invited to that team.
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