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Setting up your voicemail in the RingCentral app
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Who can use this feature?
This is only for small and medium business (SMB) customers. Not sure which customer you are? Click here to learn more.
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You can set up your voicemail during account setup. If you do not answer on any of your phones, you can set up a voicemail where callers will be transferred.

Setting up voicemail

1. Click Review or Edit on the Review your call handling card.
2. Click Voicemail.
3. Click the dropdown menu to select from Default, Custom, or Off.
4. Set your Voicemail PIN. Enter a new PIN and confirm it. This option will only appear if you choose Default or Custom voicemail.
5. Click Save.

Voicemail options

Here are the options you can select to set your voicemail:
  • Default: Allows you to use the default RingCentral voicemail. You can also listen to the preview of the default voicemail with this option.
  • Custom: Allows you to record a custom voicemail. 
  • Off: Select this option if you do not want to receive voicemails. You will have options on how to handle missed calls instead.

Setting custom voicemail

Select Custom if you want to record a custom voicemail.
1. Click Record.
2. Select how you want to record your voicemail. You can select from the following options:
  • Phone: RingCentral will call you to record your custom greeting over the phone.
  • Computer Microphone: Speak into the microphone and adjust the slider until the volume meter turns green. You may need to allow RingCentral to access your microphone.
  • Importing: Upload a .WAV or .MP3 file. Recommended files are:
    • CITT u-Law (G711a), 8kHz, 8 bit, mono
    • PCM, 8kHz, 16 bit, mono
Custom greeting options
3. Click Done.

Turn your voicemail off

Select Off if you do not want to receive voicemails. You will have the following options on how to handle missed calls.
  • Play greeting and disconnect: You can select a Default greeting or a Custom greeting. Selecting Custom greeting will allow you to record via Phone, Computer Microphone, or upload a file.
  • Connect directly to Group: You can select a group from the dropdown list to handle your calls if your voicemail is off.
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