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Intro to the RingCentral Scheduler Outlook add-in 
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The RingCentral Scheduler Outlook add-in makes scheduling either RingCentral Video or RingCentral Meetings sessions in Outlook easy. With this Outlook add-in, you will be able to schedule a meeting for both RingCentral Meetings and RingCentral Video.
While scheduling a meeting, the meeting settings may be different depending on the video service you have selected. To get started with the RingCentral Scheduler Outlook add-in, you must have access to video meetings.


  • A one-time login requirement to your RingCentral account.
  • Auto-generation of email invite.
  • Configurable meeting and security options.
  • Automatic sync of scheduled meetings across all other platforms, such as RingCentral app.


  • The add-in is available for users with a RingCentral account.
  • You must have a Microsoft account.
  • The steps for adding the RingCentral Scheduler are applicable to both Mac and Windows users.

Installing RingCentral Scheduler add-in

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