Engage Digital | Intro to routing strategies

Routing strategies define the steps that a new interaction goes through in Routing mode. You can also customize each step’s waiting duration, which defines how long the platform will try to route an interaction to an agent at a given step before it proceeds to the next step in the workflow. Each step has a variant that applies only to asynchronous or real-time messages, giving you the option to set different durations for each channel mode.
The platform creates a default routing strategy when Routing mode is enabled. You may want to add more routing strategies if you want to temporarily apply a different set of waiting durations instead of manually changing the duration every time. However, if you need steps other than the default asynchronous and real-time variants, contact your CSM for help with adding custom routing strategies to your account.
Sample flowchart in the Routing strategies configuration page

Steps in a routing strategy

Except for the transfer step, the platform goes through each step in the routing strategy in the order shown in the flowchart on the Routing strategies configuration page. If the conditions for a step are not met within a step’s waiting duration, the interaction will move to the next step. However, for certain steps, you can create an exception to skip the waiting duration.
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