This article provides instructions on how you can enable the entry and exit tones for RingCentral Video (RCV) in the RingCentral app.
Entry and exit tones can be helpful while in a meeting so you can get notified when new participants join your meeting and leave your meeting.

Enabling entry and exit tones

To enable or disable entry and exit tones, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Settings via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Click the Video tab in the left pane
3. Select the Edit button at the far right of Video meeting settings
4. Click General
5. Toggle on Entry & exit tones to enable entry and exit tones
6. Click either On entry and exit or On entry only
The other entry and exit tone settings available for you are listed below:
  • For new participants only: Toggle on to enable entry tone when new participants join the meeting
  • Suppress tones after 10 participants: Toggle on to automatically stop entry tones after 10 participants join the meeting