Note: If you are an Admin looking to deploy the RingCentral Scheduler to all your users, please see this article 
The RingCentral Scheduler Outlook add-in makes scheduling meetings in Outlook easy. With this Outlook add-in, you can quickly add a meeting to any new or existing calendar event. 
Users can install RingCentral Scheduler add-in to their Outlook if an admin has not deployed it for them. After installing the RingCentral Scheduler, users will see the add-in in both Outlook desktop apps and the Office 365 version of Outlook.

Installing RingCentral Scheduler in Outlook

To install the RingCentral Scheduler add-in in your Outlook, follow these steps:
1. Open the Outlook desktop or web app
2. If you’re using the new Outlook UI, click the ellipsis icon in the top bar, then select Get Add-Ins
Get add-in in new Outlook
If you’re using the old Outlook UI, click Get Add-Ins at the top of the app
Get add-in in old Outlook
3. Search for RingCentral Scheduler in the search bar at top right
4. Click Add underneath the app.
Add add-in
Once you’ve added the RingCentral Scheduler, you can schedule your RingCentral Video or RingCentral Meetings sessions directly within Outlook. If you’d like to schedule a RingCentral Meetings session, visit Scheduling a RingCentral Meetings session via Outlook.