RingCentral Video attendee controls appear at the bottom of the screen during a meeting.

Attendee controls in RingCentral Video

If you’re using RingCentral Video app, you’ll have the following controls available during a meeting:
  • Meeting ID: Click on the 9-digit meeting ID at the bottom left corner to copy the meeting link
  • Network connection: Hover your mouse over the signal icon to view the network connection details
  • Mute/Unmute: Mute or unmute your microphone
  • Start/Stop video: Turn on or off your device’s camera
  • Share: Share your screen with other participants in the meeting
  • Invite: Invite others to the meeting. The invitation can be sent by phone, email, by copying the meeting invite, or by copying and pasting the meeting link on a web browser
  • Participants: View or hide the other participants in a meeting
  • Chat: Send messages that are visible to everyone in the meeting or send private messages to any participants during the meeting
  • More: Click the three-dot icon to select any of the following options:
    • Virtual background: Enable Virtual Background. A virtual background is a feature that allows you to display an image or video as your background during a RingCentral Video meeting
    • Presentation mode: Enable presenter overlay in Presentation Mode to overlay your video over the screen you’re sharing. For more information, visit Using Presentation Mode in a RingCentral Video meeting
    • Enable closed captions: Enable closed captions. Closed captions are visually displayed on the bottom of the meeting screen to provide a better, more inclusive meeting experience by presenting real-time meeting discussions
    • Settings: Configure your video meeting settings
    • Send feedback: Report a problem or give feedback on your meeting session
    • Submit feature idea: Suggest a feature idea for RingCentral Video
    • Help: Open the RingCentral support webpage
  • Leave: Leave the meeting