RingCentral Office - Admin Portal/My Extension

August 2019

What's New?

Admins will be able to configure unique email addresses for users and set up a password/PIN/SQA on their behalf. 
For admins who need to help their end-users resolve account lockout issues, this feature will help them unlock accounts without a password change.
  • Billing page enhancements
The new billing pages will make it much easier to find important billing information and enables users to drill down into specific details.
  • Email sync from user details to notifications basic settings
This feature will automatically sync the email from User Details to the Notifications Basic Settings email box. This means that users can receive voicemails, SMS, and other notifications without an admin having to manually change the data in multiple places.
  • Fax cover page callback number
This feature will enable users to customize the Phone Number (a.k.a. voice callback number) on the cover page of outbound faxes. 
  • Admin portal UI update
We’re excited to announce a more modern and intuitive user interface in our admin portal that will provide a better user experience and accessibility support.
Admins will be able to access our real-time status site directly from the admin portal tool menu. In addition, admins will be able to sign any RingCentral user up for email and/or SMS notifications about service impacting issues. 
  • New templates
An improved layout and user experience for templates will be rolled out, and new templates will be available.
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