RingCentral Office - Admin Portal/My Extension

November 2018

What's New?

  • Enhanced Analytics Portal
A new Analytics Portal consolidates existing reporting tools into one easy-to-use experience with faster performance, over 30 new metrics, and data visualizations. Key reports include device status, call performance, quality of service, and more.
  • Enforced Single Sign-On option
IT admins will have the option to enforce SSO as the only way users can authenticate while using all RingCentral services.
  • TLS v1.0 and v1.1 Deprecation
Browsers and devices attempting to connect to RingCentral servers using a TLS v1.0 or TLS v1.1 connection will now be rejected to protect customer privacy and align with industry standards. Available for all RingCentral users, including Office, Pro, and Fax.
  • Audit Trail
Enhanced to track RingCentral app admin settings changes including adding or removing of administrators, company settings, data retention policy, and compliance export permissions.
  • Admin Account UI refresh
Ongoing effort to give you a more consistent user experience. Available for all RingCentral users, including Office, Pro, and Fax.
  • Call Log –  Now easier to search, select date, call direction, call type filters, and delivery settings – in both simplified and detailed view.
  • Number Porting – Enhanced interface and added flexibility to modify existing numbers.
  • Payment method – improved layout for readability.
  • Cost Center Management – Improved interface for better user experience viewing choices and context.

Bug Fixes

Fixed errors that occurred when saving and applying User Templates that were created in earlier releases.
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