RingCentral Office - Admin Portal/My Extension

November 2019

What's New?

  • Meetings in Top-level Navigation Menu
Admins will be able to access RingCentral Meetings settings and configurations through the top-level navigation within the Admin Portal.
  • Password Setting Improvements
An improved user interface for setting Password/PIN will show password criteria in a persistent manner and indicate which rules have been met or not. It will also allow users to view what they’ve typed into form fields.
  • User Table Improvements
In the User Table inside of Admin Portal, admins will be able to expand the table and also adjust column widths. 
  • Table Filter Reorganization
Advanced filters within tables have been organized under an additional section (“More”), allowing the user to focus on the primary actions for the page and making for a cleaner and simpler look and feel.
  • AppCues Walkthroughs
The RingCentral Admin Portal is complex so we’ve teamed up with AppCues to display walkthroughs and tips to empower users and admins.
  • Call Recording Icon
A new visual indicator in Call Log & Messages will denote any calls that were too short to be recorded (less than 500ms).
  • 911 Notifications
There will be a new ability to send notifications by text message and/or email to a predefined list of recipients when 911 is dialed by any user on an account.
  • Automatic Call Recording
Admins will be able to enable automatic call recording during the user activation process. 
  • Download all Phone Numbers
Admins will have the ability to download all of their numbers in CSV format from the Phone Numbers tab in the Admin Portal. 
  • Add “Site” to Templates
Admins who set up users will be able to leverage a new site option in Limited Extension and User templates to simplify the setup process. 
  • Call Log Fax Results Codes
A new designation will be available in the call log for voice calls made to fax only numbers.
  • Audit Trail
Admins can use the new “Audit Trail” to monitor billing changes for purchases, deletes, and plan upgrades or downgrades made from the Admin Portal.
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