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Intro to RingCentral account linking feature  

Last updated on April 07, 2022

Table of contents

Account linking provides features supporting customers with service split across multiple accounts.

Use cases

  • Accounts with over 10 thousand users may split between multiple accounts.
  • Customers can break up accounts by region or subsidiary.
  • Global RingEX accounts may be split across North America and the UK to minimize impact during maintenance hours.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Extension to extension dialing 
  • Consolidated company directory 
  • Consolidated dial-by-name directory
  • Non-metered dialing within linked accounts
  • Linked accounts still have separate login, view, call flow settings, and billing
Go to Account linking support on the RingCentral app to learn how account linking works when using the RingCentral app. 


Available with no additional cost to RingEX Premium and Ultimate customers.


  • Users can’t use the same SSO Identity provider across multiple accounts. 
  • Ten thousand total users across the whole federation if any companies/users have messaging enabled.
  • Extensions over five numbers do not correctly dial out (expected to be addressed by the end of Q3).
  • Can not call another user with the same site code on different companies in the same federation (expected to be addressed by the end of Q3).


  • Main company number for all accounts to be linked.
  • Name of admin contact for each account.
  • Name for each linked account (to differentiate between linked accounts within the federation).
  • No duplicate extension numbers between linked accounts.

Activating the account linking feature

Contact RingCentral Support to activate account linking. Enabling this feature would require disabling your RingCentral app messaging, and reactivation might take up to 24 hours. Once activated, you must sign in with the primary account before signing in with linked accounts.

Viewing your linked accounts

  1. Sign in to your RingCentral Online Account as an Administrator.
  2. Go to More > Account Settings > Account Linking.
  3. View the details on your linked accounts:
    • User ID
    • Company Name
    • Federated Name
    • Phone Number
    • Linked Date
    • Exts Duplicates with the current account
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