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Managing Live Reports Agent Details widgets
| RingEX

Last updated on September 01, 2021
Agent Details is a tabular widget with agents displayed in rows, letting you see the breakdown of metrics by agent.
Overview of the Agent Details widget.
Agent Details has two views, one for the standard version and another for when Remote Member Management (RMM) is enabled. RMM allows agent status to be set on a per-queue basis, which affects how Agent Details data is calculated and displayed.

Creating an Agent Details widget

  1. From your Live Reports dashboard, click the Add Widget tile found after any other widgets on the dashboard.
  2. Select Agent Details from the add widget window choices. A new Agent Details Settings window displays. 
  3. In the Name field, accept the default, or give it a new name.
  4. Choose a Widget Size from the Width and Height dropdown fields. This determines your widget’s footprint on the dashboard.
  5. Click the dropdown arrow in the Queues field to show a list of available queues for which to show report data. 
    1. Use checkboxes to select as many queues as you need. 
    2. Use the Search Queues field to find a specific queue name. Use the checkbox in the heading field to select all. 
    3. Use the double arrows to the left of the column name to sort by Queues or Extensions
    4. Click Done
  6. Click the dropdown arrow in the Columns field to show a list of available columns for which to show report data. 
    1. Use checkboxes to select as many columns as you need. 
    2. Use the Search Columns field to find a specific column name. 
    3. Use the checkbox in the heading field to select all. 
    4. Clicking in the upper right lets you toggle between Show All columns Show Selected only. 
    5. Click Done
  7. To Filter inbound calls by selected queues, check the box to the left of the option.  
  8. To Include Internal Calls, check the box to the left of the option.
  1. In the Time Period field, click the dropdown arrow to show preset options, or select Custom, where you can choose times From between midnight and 11:45PM in fifteen minute increments, and To between 12:15AM and midnight in fifteen minute increments. Note that time zones are set via the Admin Portal and shown for information purposes.

    When Remote Member Management is active, you have a choice of selecting from two View Modes.
    • Collapsed mode has a similar display to the standard, non-RMM view. 
    • Expanded mode lets an admin see agent status for each queue to which they’re assigned. The admin gets a per-queue, per-agent view into whether an agent is talking, in which queue an agent is available, and in which they are unavailable, as well as aggregated agent status.
  2. Click the View Mode dropdown field to select Expanded or Collapsed mode. 
  3. Use checkboxes in Hide Inactive to Hide agents who are not accepting calls or Hide selected queues in which agents are not accepting calls
  4. Click Save
The Agent Details widget lets you export data shown in the widget as a PDF or XLSX file. From the three dot menu icon in the upper right widget corner, select Export as PDF or Export as XLSX. Data export is available for users whether they have full control or view only permissions.
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