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Connecting an SFTP Account to RingCentral Archiver

Last updated on February 11, 2021

Table of contents

RingCentral Archiver allows you to backup RingCentral data SFTP. It provides an automatic backup solution and a convenient storing and retrieving phone data. RingCentral Archiver is available to RingEX Premium and Ultimate customers in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe.
Before connecting your SFTP account, ensure to whitelist RingCentral IPs on your firewall for the Archiver application to work successfully. 

Whitelisting RingCentral IPs on Firewall policy

For the Archiver application to successfully work, RingCentral IP addresses and destination ports must be whitelisted in the enterprise firewall. Whitelisting steps depend on the FTP server solution used; reach out to the enterprise IT admin to whitelist the IP addresses found in the RingCentral Archiver table in Section 3 of the RingEX network requirements document.

Connecting your SFTP account to Archiver

  1. Sign in to your RingCentral account.
  2. Go to More > Apps and Resources > Archiver.
  3. Click Connect opposite to SFTP.
  4. Enter your SFTP credentials, then click Connect. Contact your IT department to get your company's SFTP credentials if needed.
    • Host 
    • Port
    • User Name: Enter SFTP username.
    • Password: Enter SFTP password.
    • Root Folder: This field is optional. You need to create a Root Folder before setting up the connection in Archiver. The folder name should be composed by [a-z][A-Z][0-9][-_. ] (letters, digits, hyphens, underscore, dot, space). Example: /data or /data/RC1 or /data/RC1/RC2.
Go to Sync Options to set up your record syncing strategy after connecting SFTP to Archiver.

Sync Options

Back up will automatically be enabled once you have connected your SFTP account to Archiver. The Turn On box will be checked in More > Apps and Resources > Archiver Sync Options. You can uncheck the box anytime you want to disable backing up. You can also select the data you want to back up by checking the respective boxes.
Note: Super Admins can back-up all extensions and their own extension settings. Users will only have their own backup settings.
  • All Extensions: Backup is enabled by default; however, ensure to check Call Recordings to be backed up. The data will be backed up every hour and stores all the extensions' call recordings generated within the hour before the Archiver's last run. 
  • Only Your Extension: Changes made in this view will only apply to the Administrator's Extension settings. Administrators can enable or disable Voicemails, SMS/MMS Messages, Fax, and Video Meeting Recordings backups. The Call Recordings option cannot be unchecked since it is already enabled under All Extensions.
Connecting an SFTP account to RingCentral Archiver
The backup procedure may take a while to finish depending on the size of the included call recordings, voicemails, text messages, and fax messages.
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