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Incompatible or outdated RingCentral Rooms app

Last updated on November 4, 2022
To make sure RingCentral Rooms will run properly, it will automatically detect when:
Note: Make sure you’ve installed the most up-to-date version of the RingCentral Rooms app.

Updating the Rooms kit and controller device software

When your host or controller device requires a software update, it will display the message To continue, please contact your IT admin to update RingCentral Rooms to the newest version.
Click the Update button on the controller to open the Apple Store or Google Play app. From there, update the RingCentral Rooms app. Learn more about updating your RingCentral Rooms app to the latest version
Note: Your host device will temporarily be disabled when you update the controller.
Screen showing host device needs to be updated
Screen showing controller device needs to be updated

Your OS or app is incompatible with the minimum supported version of Rooms version

The RingCentral Rooms app won’t run correctly when it’s installed on a device or operating system that’s not up-to-date. If the operating system of your host or controller device doesn’t meet Rooms’ minimum requirements, you will see the message Please update to (the latest version) or above in order for new features to work properly. Update your device’s operating system to meet Rooms’ minimum requirements.
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