Configurations and settings for connecting third-party SIP devices to RingCentral Video with RingCentral Room Connector

Last updated on May 19, 2022

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Using Polycom devices with RingCentral Room Connector

Confirming security configurations for Polycom devices

RingCentral enforces TLS/SRTP to ensure the highest level of security for your meetings. If your devices are already enabled for the highest level of security, you may not need to adjust these settings. If you are unsure about the security of your devices, continue reading to learn how to make any necessary changes.

Polycom device administration

Set the following security settings for your Polycom device. 
  1. Go to Security > Global Security. 
  2. Under Encryption, select Required for All Calls for Require AES Encryption for Calls.
  3. Click Save.
Checking the require AES encryrption for calls setting
Set the following network settings for your Polycom device.
  1. Go to Admin Settings > Network > IP Network
  2. Under SIP, select TLS for Transport Protocol.
  3. Click Save.
Checking transport protocol

Using Cisco devices with RingCentral Room Connector

Uploading standard certificates for Cisco devices

Cisco devices do not have “out-of-the-box” certifications, so they require updates to connect via RingCentral Room Connector. Any customers who want to keep their TLSverify settings ON during a meeting must upload standard certificates to their endpoints.
GoDaddy certifications can be downloaded from their website:

Using Lifesize devices with RingCentral Room Connector

Lifesize devices work with RingCentral Video Connector in both registered and un-registered configurations.

Enabling or disabling support for SIP calls

You can clear Use SIP by going to Preferences > SIP Registrar 1 (and 2) > General when the system is not in a call.

Disabling support for H.323 calls

You can clear Use H.323 by going to Preferences > H.323 > General when the system is not in a call.

Learn more by reading about Lifesize documentation.
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