Viewing reactions during a meeting in RingCentral Rooms

Last updated on April 21, 2022

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Participants in a RingCentral Video meeting can send nonverbal reactions, feedback, or status messages from the RingCentral app desktop, web, or mobile. Rooms users can view these non-verbal reactions, feedback, or status messages on both TV and controller.
These are the types of nonverbal reactions:
  • Raise hand: Raise hand to get the attention of the host, moderator, or presenter.
  • Feedback: Asks the host, moderator, or presenter to Slow down or Speed up and react Yes or No
  • Status: Set by participants to show if you will Be right back or are Multitasking.
  • Feelings: Share feelings with an emoji. Choose to send a thumbs up, applause, surprised, laughing, or sad emoji.

Rooms host

Reactions will be shown on the video layout of the host (gallery, active speaker, and thumbnail).
Note: Feedback and status will only display one reaction, and feeling will only display one reaction. It can display one feedback or status and one feeling at the same time. The old reaction will be replaced by the new one.
View reactions in video layout
Rooms host will display an indicator at the bottom right.
Rooms host display indicator

Rooms controller

On the Rooms controller, users can view reactions and reactions summary on the participant list screen. They can also filter out the participants by feedback and status on the participant list screen. Feelings only provide indicators to show how many participants shared feelings.
Filter out participants reactions
Only one filter can be turned on at once. Rooms users can tap the feedback/status button to filter out the participants who did the reactions. If they tap the button again, the filter will be cleared and the user will see all meeting participants.
Feelings indicators will be dismissed after the feelings disappear. A filter can be dismissed immediately when no one fits the condition.
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