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Using keyboard shortcuts in the RingCentral app 

The RingCentral app has keyboard shortcuts to simplify your navigation within the app, whether that’s returning to a previous conversation or making changes to a message.
To learn more about the keyboard shortcuts you can use in the app, navigate to the Settings menu via the Settings gear icon at the bottom left in the left-hand navigation bar. From there, select the Keyboard shortcuts tab in the left pane. 
Available keyboard shortcuts are separated by a Conversations and Message composition section. Let’s review each of these keyboard shortcuts below. 

Keyboard shortcuts for conversations

Action Mac Windows
Previous Option + ↑ Alt + ↑
Next Option + ↓ Alt + ↓
Search Command + F Ctrl + F
Switch conversation Command + K Ctrl + K
Toggle show unread Command + Shift + U Ctrl + Shift + U
Increase text size Command + “+” Ctrl + “+”
Decrease text size Command + “-” Ctrl + “-”

Keyboard shortcuts for message composition

Action Mac Windows
Dismiss dialogs Esc Esc
Emoji (smileys) :smile: :smile:
@Mention* @[name] @[name]
Edit last message
Undo edit Command + Z Ctrl + Z
* do not include brackets [ ] when using this action
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