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Handling multiple calls in the RingCentral app 
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The RingCentral app allows you to make and receive multiple calls as well as view and manage all the ongoing active calls and handle each of them as needed. You can make a new outbound call or receive an incoming call without ending the call you're already on. This enables you to handle multiple calls that go on simultaneously in the RingCentral app.
You can make and receive up to nine concurrent calls. If you are already handling nine calls, more incoming calls will be routed to other endpoints. For example, that call might route to the RingCentral mobile app. If you try to make more outbound calls, the app will pop-up a message that you've reached the maximum calls limit.

Making a new outbound call

If you're on a live call and would like to make another call, you can initiate a new outbound call via the dial pad. This will place the current call on hold.
To make a new outbound call, follow these steps:
1. Click the Dial pad at the top right.
2. Enter a name or number in the dial pad.
3. Click Dial or the name of the person you’d like to call.

Managing your concurrent calls

The number of calls you have is indicated at the top left corner of the dial pad. If you want to see and manage your active calls, click the phone with lines icon at the upper right of the dial pad. This page will also show any incoming calls you have. Click the pause button to hold or unhold a call. To end a call, click on the More Call actions button and select End call.
When you receive an incoming call, you will have the following options you can choose from to manage the incoming call and your currently connected call:
  • End & Answer: End the current call and answer the new call
  • Hold & Answer: Place the current call on hold and answer the new call
  • Ignore: Ignore the incoming call instead of sending the caller straight to your voicemail
  • To voicemail: Send the caller to your voicemail to leave a message. In order to use this effectively, configure your voicemail settings in your online account. See Managing your voicemails in the RingCentral app desktop and web to learn more
  • More: Select the More ellipsis icon to reveal the following options:
    • Forward: Forward the incoming call to another user. When selected, you will be prompted to forward the number to your available number or a custom number
    • Reply: Message the caller with a preset or custom message. If you want to reply with a preset message, double click on the message. If you want to reply with a custom message, enter your message in the field and then press Enter
To minimize the call window, click on the minimize icon at the top right corner of the dial pad.
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