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Perform security actions during a RingCentral Video 
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This article provides instructions on how you can perform security actions to secure and manage your RingCentral Video meetings.
When in a RingCentral Video meeting, hosts have access to several security options to manage an ongoing meeting such as:
  • Configuring security settings via Personal Meeting ID
  • Managing security actions during a meeting via Participants

Security actions for RingCentral Video meeting for desktop and web

When RingCentral Video is selected as the video service in the RingCentral app, you can configure security settings to help secure and protect your meeting via the Personal Meeting ID.

Managing security actions via Participants

When in a RingCentral Video meeting, hosts can manage security options via the Participants menu. 
To access the Participants menu while in a meeting, click Participants via the bottom menu bar, and then select an option from the icons at the top.
Hosts can perform the following actions to manage an ongoing meeting:
  • Search: Search for a specific participant
  • Invite participants: Invites new participants to join the meeting
  • Lock meeting: No new participant can join the meeting unless you unlock it. Please note that you can’t invite more participants if meeting is locked
  • Mute all: Mutes all participants and allows unmuting. To know more, visit Muting the audio of others in RingCentral Video desktop and web
  • Unmute all: All participants will be notified to allow moderators to unmute audio. They will have an option to tap Don’t Allow or Allow
  • More: 
    • Allow screen sharing: Any participant can share screen
    • Turn off all videos: All participants’ videos are disabled and can’t enable themselves
    • Request to turn on all videos: All participants will be notified to allow moderator to turn on camera. They will have an option to tap Don’t Allow or Allow
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