Host and participant controls in Breakout Rooms in
RingCentral Video mobile | RingCentral app 

Using the RingCentral Video mobile app, hosts and participants can:
  • Receive notifications about breakout room assignments, including the specific room.
Receive notifications about breakout room assignments
  • Receive notifications when they’re moved to the main meeting.
Receive notifications when moved to the main meeting
  • Leave breakout rooms and return to the main meeting or return to the breakout room.
Note: Hosts can create, configure, and manage breakout rooms via the RingCentral desktop and web app only. 
Hosts and participants can access the following controls for breakout rooms via their mobile phone:
  • Leave: Tap Leave at top right and choose the following options:
    • Return to main meeting: Tap to leave the breakout room.
    • Leave meeting: Tap to leave the meeting. 
Leave room options
  • Participants: Tap Participants at the bottom menu bar to view the participants list and which breakout room they’re assigned to.
Breakout room assigment
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