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Last updated on April 19, 2021

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If the Reply assistant section is not visible under Agent Tools, it has not been enabled. Enable the reply assistant by following the instructions here.

Adding a knowledge base entry

  1. Navigate to Agent tools > Reply assistant in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click Add in the top right corner.
  3. Provide the Format of the reply as text or HTML.
  4. Enter a Label to name the entry.
  5. In the ID field, enter a unique identifier for the entry.
  6. Select one or more categories from the Categories field.
  7. Enter a Shortcut that the agent may use to access the entry.
  8. Enter an Entry group to sort the entry.
  9. Select one or more Channels from the dropdown menu.
  10. Add the text to the Body of the entry.
  11. Click the Attachments icon to add any attachments.
  12. Click Save.

Knowledge base entry settings

  • Format: Specifies the format of the reply as text or HTML.
  • Label: Names how the entry will appear when selected by the agent.
  • ID: Specifies a unique identifier for the entry.
  • Categories: Restricts the entry for use in the specified categories.
  • Shortcut: Sets up a keyboard shortcut for the agent. The shortcut will appear in the knowledge base to the right of the entry as a memory aid. The agent can insert a shortcut, by typing ! [shortcut] and then pressing Enter or Space on the keyboard.
  • Entry group: Specifies a reply assistant group that you have configured.
  • Channels: Restricts the entry for use by the specified channels.
  • Body: Specifies a body as text, or HTML text, depending on the Format specified.
  • Attachments: Provides an attachment to be included with the reply.
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