Engage Digital | Creating a new WhatsApp account using the embedded signup

Last updated on October 26, 2021

Table of contents

  1. Go to Admin > Channels.
  2. Click New channel and choose WhatsApp.
  3. Complete the necessary fields in the new window (name, community, etc.).
  4. In the channel configuration, choose Embedded Signup and Continue with Facebook.
  5. Log in with the Facebook account where you want to create a WhatsApp account.
  6. Go through the steps provided by Facebook.
    1. Create a Facebook Business account or choose an existing account.
    2. Provide the WhatsApp business account name and timezone.
    3. Create a WhatsApp business profile.
    4. Enter the WhatsApp business number.
    5. Verify the phone number via text message or call.
    6. Copy the access token.
    7. Paste the access token in the corresponding field in the channel.
  7. Save the channel.
  8. Edit the channel.
  9. Choose the phone number in the corresponding field.
  10. Click Save. Once the phone number is approved, an API URL field is available in the channel as well.
  11. Contact your CSM for help with the API URL, and add the API URL.
  12. Save the channel. Note: the phone number can no longer be changed as it is registered with the API.
You can send messages with the trial period experience. 

Using a trial period before business verification with the embedded signup

Before your business is verified, you can start testing the experience with a trial period. The following are the main limitations of the trial period:
  • 30-day trial period. 
  • If within the 30-day trial period and the business verification or WhatsApp checks are rejected, the trial ends.
  • The maximum number of WhatsApp accounts under one business is two.
  • Only valid for the first verified phone number for each WhatsApp Business Account.
For information on the trial period, see Unverified Trial Experience in the Facebook developer documentation.

Performing Facebook business verification for the embedded signup

A Facebook business verification confirms that a Business Manager account belongs to an actual business or organization. Facebook may ask you to complete a business verification process. A WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) is required to complete the process. For more information on business verification, see About Business Verification. For the step to perform verification, see Verify your Business in Business Manager.
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