Engage Digital | Cobrowsing in Routing mode

Last updated on January 23, 2022
If this feature is enabled and your role has permissions, you can request a collaborative browsing session with a customer, which allows the customer to share their screen with you while chatting to solve a problem. This feature is available for Engage Chat or Engage Messaging channels in the Live Chat or Web modes. For Engage Messaging, cobrowsing is available from web browsers only (both desktop and mobile). 
You typically discuss with the customer the need for a collaborative session before initiating a request. During a cobrowsing session, a customer can share most screen elements with you including images, videos, text, and canvas. Elements on a page with a shadow DOM, a third party iframe, or other content excluded by your admin cannot be shared. 
  1. Navigate to Routing mode via the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click on the selected message to open the message thread in the middle panel.
  3. Advise the customer that you will be requesting a screen sharing session with them.
  4. Click the Cobrowsing screen icon below the message field at the bottom of the screen.
Once the customer accepts the invitation, you will see the customer’s screen in the right pane. Cobrowsing tools such as Take control and Highlight can be used during the session. You can continue to chat with the customer during the session using the left chat pane.
Either you or the customer can end the cobrowsing session at any time. To close a cobrowsing session, click on the Close x icon in the cobrowsing section on the right corner of the screen. The customer can stop the session from their chat window via the Deactivate button.

Using cobrowsing tools during a session

Once a session is established between you and the customer, you can use the Take control or Highlight tools by selecting these icons in the upper right corner of the session window.
Using cobrowsing tools during a session
  • Click the Take control arrow icon in the upper right corner to allow you to move the cursor for the customer, or to click on links or fill out forms. If this function is active, the agent will see a cutout arrow icon in the sharing area.
  • Click the Highlight wand icon in the upper right corner to highlight a key area of the customer’s screen.
  • Click the Close x icon in the upper right corner to end the session.
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