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Mapping templates are saved templates of lead list mapping configurations that can be applied to future lead lists. 
You can create mapping templates either via the Upload List window that appears in the Loaded Lists section found in the configuration panel at the campaign level, or you can navigate to the Lead List Templates tray setting under Dialing. You can also use this section to view, edit, and delete all your existing list templates.

Helpful hint!

Remember: Lead list template mapping is not based on column name but instead on column order. A template that has the Lead Phone destination mapped to column A will always map the Lead Phone destination to column A, even if the header and content of that column change to ‘zip code.’

Creating a mapping template via list upload

While uploading a lead list file, you can create a template based on the mappings you select for the list you’re currently uploading. 
  1. Upload a new lead list file.
  2. Navigate to the Preview tab in the upload list window.
  3. Map your destinations from the Destinations list on the left to the columns (sources) listed in the preview pane on the right.
  4. When you’re finished mapping, enter a name for the template via the Name this Template field at upper right.
  5. Click the Save this Template button just below that to save your template.
  6. Click Save at lower right to save your changes and exit the window.
Remember, you’ll be able to view that template once it’s saved via the Lead List Templates tray setting. It will also be available next time you upload a lead list file via the Use Mapping Template dropdown list in the Preview tab.

Creating a mapping template via the Lead list templates setting

  1. Navigate to Dialing > Advanced Settings > Lead list templates via the left nav bar.
  2. Click the Add Mapping Template button at upper right.
  3. In the Settings tab, enter a name for the mapping template in the Mapping Name field.
  4. Select a lead list file on which to base your template via the Custom Upload button.
  5. The File Type dropdown should automatically update once you’ve selected your list. If it doesn’t, select the list’s file type from the dropdown menu.
  6. Click Next to navigate to the Preview tab.
  7. Select your desired destinations on the left and map them to their sources on the right.
  8. Click Ok to save your changes.
You’ll see your new template appear in the List Templates table, where you’ll have the opportunity to manage it as needed. 

Applying a mapping template to a lead list file

  1. Upload a new lead list file.
  2. Navigate to the Preview tab in the upload list window.
  3. Select a template from the Use Mapping Template dropdown at upper left.
  4. Click Save at lower right to save your changes and exit the window.
If you have mapped any extra data in your original template via the Extra Data Mappings option available during list upload, those extra mappings will not automatically map via template format — you’ll have to manually map these each time you use a template that contains extra data mappings. 
Auxiliary and custom lead data fields, however, will automatically map from templates and will not need to be mapped manually.

Managing mapping templates

You can view, sort, edit, and delete your lead list mapping templates via the Lead list templates tray setting. We’ll review the template management process below.

Viewing and sorting templates

When you navigate to Lead list templates, you’ll see a section titled Configure Templates used in List Uploads. All your mapping templates will be arranged in table format here. For each template, you can see its Mapping Name, the date it was created (Date Created), the date it was last updated (Last Updated), and the user number of the person who last updated the template (Updated By).

To sort templates by category, simply click the up/down arrows located to the left of the category you wish to sort by. For example, if you wish to sort by the date a template was created, click the arrows beside the Date Created column to see the list sort itself into ascending or descending order by date created.

Editing and deleting templates

To edit a template, click the paper/pencil icon to the right of the template name in the Edit column. In the Settings tab of the window that appears, you can re-upload a list to use as your template, edit the name of the template, and change the file type (Excel, Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, or Pipe Delimited). 
Please note that in order to reach the Preview tab in the editing window, you’ll have to re-select a lead list file to use as your template. Once you reach this tab, you can make any changes you like to the actual destination/source mappings and save your changes by clicking Ok
To delete a template, click the trash icon at far right of the template name in the Delete column. The system will ask you to confirm this deletion. Click Ok to confirm.
If you delete a template, its mapping configurations will remain active for any lead lists you applied the template to.
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