Engage Voice | Creating an inbound queue

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Inbound queues are grouped within queue groups and act as the location to which calls are routed. Inbound queues can be configured to provide a specific experience you wish each customer to have while they’re waiting for an agent to take their call. 
You can configure settings like Queue Events to decide what customers will hear while waiting, including the hold music they’ll hear, their total wait time in queue, and more. 

Queue configuration options

The system offers a variety of options to help you create your desired inbound call flows. You can find these settings in the queue’s configuration panel. 

Creating an inbound queue

  1. Select Routing > Queues via the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Expand the inbound queue group in which you wish to create the new inbound queue.
  3. Select the New queue button at top right to open the queue General configuration page.
  4. Name your queue via the Name field.
  5. Configure any remaining queue settings on that page as needed (we’ll discuss these settings in more detail in Configuring inbound queue settings).
  6. Click the Save button at bottom right to save your changes.
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